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  • Добро пожаловать на CMS

    2 недели 0 дней назад
    Если вы не знаете что такое CMS то нажмите сюда

    Зачем покупать этот сайт с системой CMS ?

    1) Упрощение работу с Донатом.

  • Devblog 106

    4 недели 1 день назад
    A packed blog this week: we’ve added flame-throwers (and water buckets) to the game, and we have the first look at the tech tree, the wrecked Powerplant tower, and our new musical instruments. Plus optimisation, sound tweaks, and more.


    Flame ThrowerMaurino Berry

    I really wanted to give you guys something extra to play with, so I stayed up until 6am getting this baby done. This was an interesting and difficult task to get right, but I’m quite happy with the end result.

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