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  • Добро пожаловать на CMS

    4 месяца 1 неделя назад
    Если вы не знаете что такое CMS то нажмите сюда

    Зачем покупать этот сайт с системой CMS ?

    1) Упрощение работы с Донатом.

  • Devblog 151

    4 месяца 1 неделя назад
    I didn’t want just another deployable for decorating your base, so I actually added some functionality to the Lockers that I think everyone will really appreciate.

    Basically, the Locker has three sections, each with a ‘swap’ button. When you press it, all of your clothing and the contents of your belt will be moved to the locker, and whatever was in the locker will be equipped on your player. This makes it very easy to change loadouts, or to simply undress quickly and know where everything is.


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